Year of Knitting Lacily: April update

So far so good! I completed the first shawl in my challenge in eleven days, and here it is pinned on the blocking mat:


It has turned out very well, I think. The pattern was sufficiently varied to keep my interest, the yarn (Wharfedale Woolworks Zen Garden BFL sock yarn) is gorgeous to work with, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself knitting it. There are several sections to the pattern, each separated by a few rows of garter stitch. The first section, on the nape of the neck, represents The Wall.

Winter is Coming, showing the small amount of yarn left

Winter is Coming, showing the small amount of yarn left

The second section represents Snow, either the character John Snow or the cold white stuff I am not sure. This is followed by Waves, the sea dividing the various kingdoms, and the mottled effect of the semi solid colour highlights the effect of water crashing on rocks. My favourite section is the Dragon Scales, such a simple stitch but so effective. The last section is named Stakes and Icicles; stakes because of the grisly end awaiting those who displease the king, and icicles underlining the theme of Winter is Coming. I thank Sally Cameron (Pink Haired Girl) for designing this effective shawlette. I know I shall have great pleasure wearing it. For the technically minded, I used 4mm circular bamboo needles, and I had a small amount of yarn left over from 385m.

April’s challenge is to knit Crushed, from the Lovelorn collection of shawl patterns by Rachel Henry. This is a heart-shaped shawl, and I shall use Poppies, another semi solid in reds and pinks from Wharfedale Woolworks‘ Flora Sock Yarn Club 2014. I love the colours in this yarn, and I want to do it justice; when I first saw it I thought of romance, and while the sentiment behind the design is one of loss and sadness I think the beautiful shape and delicate tracery of the pattern fits the yarn very well.


The pattern is knit on 4.5mm needles and should use 356m, so it may be touch and go for a loose knitter like me!


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