The Year of Knitting Lacily: July Update

Welcome to month 4 of my personal challenge, The Year of Knitting Lacily. June’s challenge was to knit one of Verybusymonkey’s Scientist shawls, Tesla. This pattern is less lacy than the previous 3 shawls, but I think it goes well with the variegated yarn – pale blue thickly scattered with pink, from pale rose to rich cranberry.wpid-20150601_141158.jpg


By the middle of the month, I had finished the body, a simple stocking stitch area that displays the variegation of the yarn to advantage, and by the 27th June I had finished the shawl and it looked nice even unblocked. However, there was a problem during the border section. Just before the fourth and last repeat of chart C I counted the stitches remaining and realised that I would have 6 body stitches left at the end of the chart instead of 3. I had counted the stitches at the end of the body and the number was correct. I counted all of the sssk stitches I had done, and it tallied with the number required for the border as charted. I double checked all of the ssk stitches – they were correct. So how did I end up with too many body stitches at the end? I have no idea, but it was too late to do anything about it, so I added two additional sssk stitches into the last repeat of chart C and and that left 4 body stitches which I incorporated into the garter stitch border at the end. I don’t think anyone will notice!wpid-20150706_103006.jpg


I enjoyed knitting this shawl. The variegated yarn provides the interest in the stocking stitch body of the shawl, and does indeed look like a petal storm! The border looks intricate but is in fact very easy, and the yarn colouring enhances that too. I especially like the edging three stitches; instead of a garter stitch edge to the border to get it to lie flat, the designer has used 1/1 RC narrow cable with a purl next to it. This forms a very attractive edge, and I am wondering if this would also look good on the top edge of a shawl. I must experiment.

Technical notes
Yarn:   Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL colourway Petal Storm
Pattern:  verybusymonkey Tesla Shawl from the Scientists 2 Collection
Needles: Addi 4mm circular needle
Yarn remaining out of 385m: approximately 38m or 11g

July’s Challenge Shawl
For July, I shall be knitting Whirlwind Romance by Nim Teasdale. This is another designer new to me, and the pattern is part of the collection Love is Friendship Caught on Fire. The shawls are lovely, lacy and romantic, and I could have chosen any of them happily but the idea of a Whirlwind Romance means the colour red to me, warm and sensual. In my stash, I have Shinto Gate from Wharfedale Woolworks, a stunning strawberry semi-solid BFL yarn from the Colour Therapy Sock Yarn Club 2015, and it just oozes romance! I think the lovely laciness of this shawl will look good in red. I can’t wait to cast on!



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