The Year of Knitting Lacily: November Update

My first failure!! I am so disappointed, but I knew as I approached the end of the charts for Lila that I would not be able to complete this month’s shawl within the month and within the skein of yarn I had chosen. To the end of the charts, and before the short row shaping to create the crescent, I had used 87% of the 110g/385m in the skein (approximately 335m). I could not see that I would be able to get much further with the remaining 14g/50m (approximately ). The colourway Eirene, a lovely rich semi-solid purple plum, was especially hand-dyed for the Wharfedale Woolworks Colour Therapy Sock Yarn Club, issued in September. I doubt that Kirsty has any left over but she has agreed to dye some more for me, so I shall be able to complete the shawl before Christmas.
This picture shows the lovely lace of the edging with my addition of silver beads forming simple V shapes.


I shall definitely be using beads again as I really like the effect, but I shall use size 6 beads next time, as the size 8 beads have a very small hole and necessitated threading on cotton before pulling onto the stitch just worked. I have checked, and the size 6s can take a 1mm crochet hook!

Although disappointing, this shawl is not going to sit in my WIP pile for ever. I shall finish it as soon as possible. Completion is merely postponed.

Technical notes
Pattern: Lila, by Gillie Parsons
Yarn: Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL, colour Eirene
Needles: Pony bamboo 4.5mm circular 100cm
Yarn remaining: to be determined
Finished dimensions: to be determined

November’s challenge
This month’s shawl is the first to be taken from a published book instead of from individual designers on Ravelry. Sock Yarn Shawls 2 by Jen Lucas contains lots of nice patterns, ranging from simple to complex, and it is difficult choosing just one to start with. I am looking forward to casting on Monarda, an overall lacy shawl with an effective leaf-like pattern. I shall be using Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL sock yarn in Mahuika, a semi-solid in rich fiery tones, issued as part of the 2015 Colour Therapy Sock Yarn Club. It is well named after the Maori fire deity.



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