Yippee! More Hens

I love our chickens, I really do. I love seeing them scratching around, dustbathing, perching and preening, and just generally enjoying the freedom of our field (and occasionally the field next door as well!) But there is always room for a few more. The Palace, in particular, has been looking a little depleted, now that there are only six hens in residence in a house that could hold fifteen or more.
Winter is not really a good time to buy hens, especially since we seem to be going through a particularly wet and windy period, but when I spotted on Facebook a particularly engaging quartet for sale locally I was smitten. I had to act fast as someone would snap up such beautiful looking hens,  so I contacted the seller and – to cut a long story short – we jumped in the car and drove to Barnsley.


The hens are, as Dan described them, 100%. They are all healthy, friendly, superbly looked after, and a testament to his chicken-keeping skills. We were delighted!


So now we have four new hens, living happily in the Palace. They are Lavender (a Cream Legbar), Marigold (a Rhode Island Red), Myrtle (a Copper Black Maran), and Daphne (a Columbian Blacktail). So far they have had to stand up to some pretty awful weather, with gale force winds and torrential rain over the weekend, but they seem to have settled in. The two more mature girls, Marigold and Myrtle, managed to go up the ladder and into the house last night when we were putting them to bed, and this morning I found they had laid us two lovely eggs in one of the nestboxes. Lavender and Daphne are not quite at the point of laying, but look like it will not be long before they do.


So, overall, we are delighted with our new hens, and look forward to watching them scratch around, dustbathe,  perch and preen, and enjoy the freedom of the field. Once the weather improves, that is!



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