The Year of Knitting Lacily: December Update

After last month’s failure to complete, I have been extra cautious about this month’s shawl. Even though I could have included an extra pattern repeat or even two, I have not done so. As a result I have a fair bit of yarn left over! This month’s shawl is the first to be taken from a published book instead of from individual designers on Ravelry. Sock Yarn Shawls 2 by Jen Lucas contains lots of nice patterns, ranging from simple to complex, and it was difficult choosing just one to start with. In the end I chose Monarda, using Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL sock yarn in Mahuika, a semi-solid in rich fiery tones, issued as part of the 2015 Colour Therapy Sock Yarn Club. It is well named after the Maori fire deity.20151127_122513.jpg

Monarda is an attractive all over lace shawl, well written and with easy to follow charts. The result is a beautiful mix of stocking stitch and garter, with lacy leaves and nice points.


The pattern says to cast off very loosely, and I thought I had done so, but when I came to try to block it to the nice curved shape required, I could not do so and maintain the pretty edging points. In the end, I blocked it to a straight top edge so that the points would show somewhat.



Technical notes
Pattern: Monarda, by Jen Lucas
Yarn: Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL, colour Mahuika
Needles: Pony bamboo 3.5mm circular 100cm
Yarn remaining: 27g (approximately 94m)
Finished dimensions: top edge 144cm , widest point 38cm

December’s challenge
After my delight at the beading on October’s shawl, I really wanted to try adding beads again, and December seems like a good month to be giving my knitting a bit of bling! I also want to try another of Nim Teasdale’s designs, as I like her ethos of mix-and-match charts and knit-till-you-are-finished patterns. Slow Dance is another shawl from her Love is Friendship Caught on Fire collection, and features two charts which can be used singly or in combination. The overall effect is more geometric and less flowery (or leafy) than other designs I have completed in this challenge. Whilst the name of the shawl implies something potentially fiery, I wanted to keep the colour relatively low key and let the beads speak for themselves, and so I have chosen a lovely semi-solid turquoise yarn from Wharfedale Woolworks. It is called Laguna, and is a one-off hand dyed yarn in Kirsty’s beautiful Yorkshire Rose BFL sock range, so I am still restricted to 385m and 110g. I shall be using Debbie Abrahams silver-lined clear number 6 beads and a 1mm steel crochet hook.



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