The Year of Knitting Lacily: November Update Update

Well, Lila is finally finished! Kirsty at Wharfedale Woolworks came through with a matching skein of hand dyed Eirene, a little paler than the original skein but giving a nice contrast for the body. The body is straightforward short-row stocking stitch. The pattern says to use a firm cast off to help maintain the crescent shape of the shawl, but did not advise on which cast off to use. I opted for Slip Stitch Crochet Cast Off, which is quick and simple and very firm.


Technical notes
Pattern: Lila, by Gillie Parsons
Yarn: Wharfedale Woolworks Yorkshire Rose BFL, colour Eirene
Needles: Pony bamboo 4.5mm circular 100cm
Yarn remaining: 83g (out of 220g), approximately 290m left
Finished dimensions: 115cm at neck edge,  275cm at hem edge, 51cm maximum depth

Additions: size 8 silver-lined clear beads, approximately 375 used




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