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Eight Years and Counting

On 2nd September 2007, our lives changed radically when we adopted three hens. They were Black Rock hybrids, named Betty, Hetty and Letty. Since then we have cared for, loved, and mourned more than forty hens and cockerels. I have written about them extensively in the past, and I don’t want to bore you by repeating myself. I just want to record the fact that today is the eighth anniversary of our keeping hens. Here’s to the next eight!


Betty’s Eighth Birthday celebrations, April 2015

HettyBettyLetty on wall

Hetty Betty and Letty investigating our neighbours’ garden

Betty in October 2008

Betty in October 2008

Betty in August 2015

Betty in August 2015


Our Life with Chickens: part 1

Betty’s Big Day & Birthday Breakfast



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